Natomas United FC  

NUFC Player Information

Thank you for considering Natomas United FC to be your competitive soccer club.  We have broken down the process to becoming a competitive player within NUFC in a step-by-step process so that you can make an informed decision. 

First, we want to define for  you competitive soccer.  Competitive soccer is much more advanced than recreational soccer, like Natomas Soccer Club.   Here are some answers to the questions we receive from "new" competitive parents making the jump from rec.

  • Competitive soccer requires a higher level of commitment on the part of the player AND the parent. 
    • ​Practice is held AT LEAST twice a week and may be more depending on the coach.
    • Games are held on Saturday and/or Sunday.
    • There will be more travel as competitive covers more area.
  • Season Play
    • Spring Season begins in March and continues until about mid-June.
    • Fall Season begins in July and continues until early December, or longer if Cup series are played.
  • Tournaments can be expected for every age.
    • ​Held throughout the year and in various areas of Northern, Central and Coastal California.
  • Yes, Competitive Soccer is more costly but ...
    • ​Registration fees are higher than recreational soccer, however, we are one of the lowest price competitive clubs in the area.
    • Uniform and tournament fees are additional.  Team costs for specific teams will be provided upon request.
    • On a "value basis" taking into account the overall training, competition, experience and development, our competitive program is a much better bargain than most recreational leagues.

Most importantly, your player will receive a higher level training as our coaches are required to hold a higher level coaching credential.  Our Director of Coaching (DOC) is also providing additional training to coaches and players alike.  

Our goal is to provide each player with a consistent coaching style to provide a superior level of training.

Providing a competitive level of soccer to the Natomas Community